New company, same RePixelated


We hope this message finds you well. This is just an announcement that RePixelated is under new ownership at a legal parent level. However, the team behind RePixelated is still the same team, with the same Owner/Operator. The days of PelUS LLC are behind us, but RePixelated remains set on its original mission. It is hoped that the closure of PelUS will allow RePixelated to focus on its core services, while integrating RePixelated Technologies in as an unnamed part of RePixelated’s services. MGigadrain LLC is only a legal parent company, maintaining the same ownership.

With this change will be a massive switch to new Web addresses and emails, removing the legacy content from the days RePixelated Technologies was just a project, and RePixelated was just a small part of those overall plans. This also includes a restructuring of RePixelated’s file system. The current “X Domain” for static image storage will be replaced by Memory Alpha (, and we will keep older design files on hand in what we will refer to as Memory Beta and Memory Delta internally. Requests for files will be directed to a new email address as well.

Please see the list below for changes being made:

  • Emails
    • Any email ending in will be phased out. For a limited time, emails sent to the old addresses should still work.
    • >
    • >
    • >
  • Policy locations
    • The Privacy Policy and Terms of Service have both been modified. Instead of being available at, they are now located on this RePixelated site (Privacy > | Terms >)
  •,, and are being discontinued
    • These domains are being phased out as they are no longer necessary.

Thank you for being a valued part of the RePixelated family. We hope to see you soon and continue to serve you!

Gene Gutierrez
Owner, Operator

RePixelated is now a brand of MGigadrain LLC. This branding will not be mentioned often except in legal settings.