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Version: 3
Published: May 2, 2020 | Effective: May 2, 2020


These Terms of Service (“Terms”) regulate your usage of any products or services (“Services”) provided or produced by RePixelated (“Us,” “RePixelated,” etc.), a brand of MGigadrain LLC, a limited liability corporation located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, and formed in the state of New Mexico. These Terms apply only to the RePixelated brand; other MGigadrain LLC brands may have their own Terms.

Scope of these Terms

These Terms apply to the Services offered by RePixelated, in addition to our Website and Apps.

Our Website is defined as any Website address operated by Us. Currently, this includes the following top-level domains and their subdomains: “repixelated.dev,” “sitepark.page.” For a limited time, the following domains are also included during the transfer of ownership between PelUS LLC and MGigadrain LLC: “repixelatedtech.com,” “pelus.dev,” and “pels.us.”

Our Apps are defined as any application that runs on any computer platform or mobile device, including phones, tablets, traditional desktops, and laptops. RePixelated currently does not have any Apps.

Upon Your agreement to continue with Services

RePixelated will provide You with a quote estimating the total cost of Services We provide to You. The quote may include other charges We may require or foresee that may not be provided by Us. You may address any concerns to the team directly via Our contact page, https://repixelated.dev/contact. Upon Your acceptance of Our quote, We require a 50% deposit before We will begin work on Your project. At that time, You become subject to Our order cancellation process below.

Addressing order cancellations

You are free to cancel a project with Us at any time, and for any reason. At that time, We will assess a partial charge for any work completed. If the assessed charges are less than Your deposit, You will be refunded the balance. However, should Your assessed fees be greater than the deposit amount, You will then be responsible for the balance. You will be provided an invoice detailing the work You are being charged for. You may address any issues via Our contact page, https://repixelated.dev/contact.

Agreement to access Protected Website Data


We define Protected Website Data (“Protected Data”) as any content behind any kind of credential, which may include administration areas, employee portals, or items that can be downloaded after a payment.

Agreement to provide access

You agree to that We may request access to any Protected Data. We will only make this request in direct connection to any Service We are offering, and only to the extent that We offer it. Once access is granted, You cannot revoke access before the project is completed; however, You can revoke access when the request is made by Us.

Agreement to non-disclosure

RePixelated agrees to the non-disclosure of any Protected Data. This agreement supersedes any other policy held by Us, and is exclusive to Protected Data.

We also agree that no Protected Data will be stored, backed up, or otherwise kept by Us. Protected Data cannot be used to market to You, nor can it be shared with any third party without Your direct knowledge and consent.

Inappropriate content

While We make all above agreements, should We, at any time, determine that all or part of your Protected Data is reasonably deemed as illegal, or otherwise legally inappropriate, We maintain the right to release any Protected Data to the appropriate authorities. Should any part of Your Protected Data contain content We deem inappropriate based on Our own policies, We continue to maintain the right to suspend or outright cancel the project. Should We cite a breach in these Terms, We maintain the right to charge full value for the work requested, regardless of completion.

Contacting us regarding these Terms

If You have any questions and need to contact Us, You may do so at https://repixelated.dev/contact or reach out to Us via email, legal@repixelated.dev.

Modifications to these Terms

RePixelated and MGigadrain LLC reserve the right to modify this Policy at any time and for any reason.

Our policy version (“Version”) is Our way of communicating the substance of a policy change. It has a format of A.B.C (such as “1.0.0”).

The A-level represents a major change in the policy. Any A-level change will be effective two weeks (14 days) from the post date. Our clients will be notified of an A-level change via email, and other Users will be notified by a post to Our news page.

The B-level represents an important change, but with a minor impact. Any B-level change will be effective one week (7 days) from the post date. All Users will be notified of a B-level change via a news post.

The C-level represents minor changes, such as corrections to spelling, syntax, etc.; these changes are cosmetic in nature, and do not represent a change in policy. Thus, any C-level change will be effective retroactively from the previous B- or A-level change. Users will be notified of a C-level change by the change in the Version number only.

We encourage Users to frequently check this page for any changes to stay informed about the Terms provided with Our Services to You. You acknowledge and agree that it is Your responsibility to review this Policy periodically and become aware of modifications.

Your acceptance of these Terms

By using any forms of Our Services, Website, or Apps, You signify Your acceptance of these Terms. If You do not agree to these Terms, please discontinue use. Your continued use of Our Services, Website, or Apps following the posting of changes to these Terms will be deemed Your acceptance of those changes.

Summary of Changes

This summary of changes is offered as a courtesy to our Users; however, this section is not an official part of the Terms of Service. RePixelated and MGigadrain LLC still encourage Our Users to review the Terms of Service in their entirety.

Last updated: May 2, 2020



  • Updated formatting of the Terms.
  • Added new section regarding RePixelated, “Agreement to access Protected Data.”
  • These changes were classified as a B-level change.


  • Changed the name of the provider of Services from “PelUS” to “PelUS, LLC.”
  • Added section regarding PelUS, LLC, “Regarding the formation of PelUS, LLC.”
  • Removed the section “Miscellaneous definitions” and replaced it with “Scope of these Terms.” This removes the obsolete term “Interactive Media” from these Terms.
  • Minor updates to text and formatting.
  • These updates were classified as a C-level change. While some updates have taken place, the overall Terms were not affected, and the formation of PelUS, LLC was addressed in a separate news post.


  • Removed section “Regarding the formation of PelUS, LLC” as it is no longer needed. This section was intended as a bridge between PelUS and PelUS, LLC, which became effective on Jan. 1, 2019.


  • Updated the list of Web addresses to include repixelated.dev and pelus.dev.


  • The Policy has been updated to note the change of ownership from PelUS LLC to MGigadrain LLC. The following sections were affected by this change:
    • Introduction
    • Scope of these terms
    • Contacting us regarding these Terms
    • Modifications to these Terms
  • Multiple sections were removed
    • Terms regarding PelUS, LLC – This has been removed as the new owner is establishing independent policies for its brands
    • Terms regarding RePixelated Technologies – RePixelated Technologies is being merged into RePixelated and will no longer have its own separate identity.
    • Terms regarding RePixelated – This introduction section was removed, and its pieces became part of the main Terms, as they serve as “Terms regarding RePixelated” only.
    • Your acceptance of these Terms (directly following “Scope of these Terms”) – Duplicate section exists after “Modification of these Terms” with more information and in a more logical place
  • Minor text updates were made to the following sections:
    • Scope of these terms – Web addresses were updated. Also updated to indicate there are no current Apps available
    • Document – Removed extra wording to keep Terms focused and clear.

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