I am happy to work with you on different scale projects, and the pricing below is a general guideline. I’ll be sure to get an idea of what you’re looking for and give you a more appropriate quote before beginning the project. I try to be honest if your requirements are beyond my abilities, and in those cases have no hard feelings if I can’t assist. I look forward to working with you soon!


For all site sizes: $50

This fee helps account for the time spent working with you after we’ve agreed on your requirements. However, this consultation fee is waived if you continue to use my services. If you want to move to another service, I will do my best to provide you with more information that you can give to them, so you have a bit of a head start with them.

New site build

This service is for a brand-new site build. These often take the most time because we have to set up each page, the navigation, and more. The basic build is generally quick, and what takes the most time is getting the smaller details the way that you want them.

SizePage countQuote
Huge50+Contact me

Existing site rebuild

Looking to redesign your site? Maybe it’s been a while and things are a bit mismatched, or you have just added pages and need to consolidate (this is what I had to in early 2022). This is the service for you. The more extensive the rebuild, the more the pricing may increase during the consultation process. Remember, the quotes below are guidelines.

SizePage CountQuote
Huge50+Contact me

Managed franchise site

Often, when you’re running a franchise operation, it’s a lean one, and you need more time to focus on your business. Let me help you with setting up and/or reimagining your existing site so you can do the important work that keeps your revenue coming in.

SizePage CountQuote
Huge50+Contact me

Site management

Sometimes, you need to focus on your business and leave the website to others. That’s where I come in! Just send me your updates, and I’ll get them published for you in a timely manner. Due to the uniqueness of each project, “light” and “heavy” updates will vary. During our conversations, I’ll let you know where you fall and why.


Kappa Sigma Cloud

This is a special service for chapters and colonies of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Organizations in good standing with the national fraternity have special pricing, hosting, and management options tailored to their organization. Like all other pricing details, the information presented are guidelines subject to change with the project.

Template site build50-200
New site build100-300
Hosting and management25-50/month