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Project overview

Type: Content creator
Size: Small
Services: Management; New site design

“MasterGigadrain” (later rebranded as “Genysism”) is an online entertainment brand focusing on livestreaming video game gameplay with a desire to expand into other media content.

Project details

  • The Genysism brand was spun off from MasterGigadrain, which was created from scratch.
  • Connected with social media for simultaneous posting to Facebook, Twitter when posts are published to the site.
  • RePixelated’s branding efforts can be seen here, with a consistent brand identity throughout social media and the website.

No Siesta for the Fiesta


Project overview

Type: Event
Size: Tiny
Services: Management, New site design

A simple site showcasing a livestream of the event, along with sponsorship messages and a table of perks available for extra donations.

Project details

  • Speedy two-week turnaround, including polish
  • Featured a livestream (outsourced)
  • Required approval from major sponsors who were “blown away”

Note: This Website is no longer available live.
See before the event >
See after the event >

Tony Photographs


Project overview

Type: Gallery
Management, New site design, Graphic design

A regularly updated gallery for an amateur photographer. Updates are posted by the Owner, with additional management services provided by RePixelated.

Project details

  • Logo designed by RePixelated’s Outer Orbital team
  • Images are watermarked before upload
  • Owner creates his own posts independently
  • Additional design work by RePixelated to accommodate owner requests

Signs by Tomorrow of Albuquerque


Project overview

Type: Retail, No sales
Size: Very large
Services: Management

A franchise location with preformatted content utilizing RePixelated Management to customize and update text and images.

Project overview

  • Updates to text and image content
  • Content quality controlled by the site owner

The Rosary Lady


Project overview

Type: eCommerce
Size: Small
Services: Existing site redesign

A complete redesign to modernize the storefront to bring simplicity, a responsive layout, and new features.

Project details

  • Moved from a static HTML site to a Content Management System (CMS)
  • New design with a responsive layout to adapt to mobile devices
  • CMS allowed for easier product additions
  • Improved purchase flow from individual items via a PayPal link to a cart system with PayPal processing

Before RePixelated >
After RePixelated >

Ed’s Car Parts


Project overview

Type: Retail, No sales
Size: Small
Services: New site design

A local small business site with links to search through inventory (via external service).

Project details

  • Designed with Webs.com
  • Client requested integration with existing inventory search tool
  • Site also includes a separate mobile view instead of a responsive layout

Results >

Theta-Zeta Chapter of Kappa Sigma


Project overview

Type: Social (Fraternity)
Size: Medium
Services: Management, Existing site redesign

An informational site designed for new members, potential members, current members, alumni, and parents.

Project details

  • Redesigned from a static HTML site to Webs.com, then again to WordPress
  • Updated to Content Management System (CMS) (WordPress) allowing for easier posting and editing of content
  • Enabled online payments via PayPal for events and other fraternity expenses

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